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Confused to check out which product/services to be exported that could enable you to get a sizable ROI? Look no further as our expertise and the subject matter analyst would hand hold you and provide you with the right market potential based on the products/services being selected.

In response to the priority of the Export Strategy and to define priority markets for exporters, Nukiva.com developed model (Export Decision Support Model), which enables (based on the absorption capacity of the import market, growth potential and the compatibility in relation to the each country's economy) to identify suitable export opportunities for various industries.

The basic version of the model shows an interactive application- map of exporter, where the user can choose the industry of interest and add weights to individual parameters, subsequently the application shall determine the appropriate export destinations. The model takes into account the size of the import market, revealed comparative advantage, barriers to trade, import intensity of exports, export sophistication etc. The application allows to specify export opportunities to 6 digit level of Harmonized System of Classification of goods.

Analyzing specific sector usually requires  more detailed insight and extension of general  parameters with other parameters that take into account the specific features of the market. For a more detailed analysis Nukiva.com has more detailed data that allow to prioritize export opportunities to the HS6 level (over 5,000 categories of goods).