Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the subscription plan ?

    We offer membership services on both CAPEX and OPEX Models. We listened to our customers who range from mid-level to up-scale levels and based on the recommendation/requests, we are now offering membership based a monthly fee.

    • What is Nukiva Exim Solution?

      Nuliva Exim Solutions is an Indian founded firm involved with providing both guidance  to the current importer/exported using export-import data research firm deals in import-export intelligence information of over 80+ nations all around the world. We have the dream to create a platform for other agencies to determine hidden prospects and multiply their revenues by using our valuable analysis. We offer custom brokers, freight forwarder and logistics services.

      We also also importers and exporters of various commodities to over 80+ nations across the world.

      • What types of data do you provide?

        Our data providing company provides 3 kinds of data to our clients. Check out below-

        • Online USA data.
        • Offline data 80+ countries.
        • Analysis Report

        • What’s the difference between online data, offline data and Analysis report?

          • Online USA data:– We have a well-designed dashboard for USA Exim database, by choosing your selected plan through our portal you can explore millions of records. For more details, please visit our subscriptions plan page.
          • Offline Data 80+ Countries:- It is helpful whenever you wish to explore export and import market size of any nation. Also, this is helpful for research into your export-import business. The data contains all the details of consignment even some time including the names of exporter and importer. It will support you to recognize the market demand for any specific good along with its import-export value or capacity.
          • Analysis Report:- It is prepared by professional data analysts according to your needs. This is examined by model; brand and other specifications of an item other than that it will give you an in-depth analysis of segmentation, market mapping, value analysis, volume count etc. The analysis report is totally based on your given specification and inputs, we shall prepare an exact report as per your needs.

          • What kind of data should I purchase?

            Well, it will depend on your needs-

            • If you only want data to know about the actual market size of any country and confidential info of items like quantity, price, HS code, names of trader then offline data would be a great option for you.
            • If you wish to explore the entire market trends of your goods and also want to function at more on reporting based system then you should try analysis report.
            • If you just need the USA Import/ Export data and USA Statistical data to understand the particular market trends in a specified country, then online data option is for you. But, online option is only applicable for subscribed users so you need to register with our web page and choose a subscription plan. You will get it in a great shape along with designed dashboard in order to cater your all needs of data and Analysis (Graphs, tabs).

            • How is import-export data report helpful for my business?

              Our data report assists exporters, importers, and other firms in several ways-

              • Analyze and track shipments of your competitors
              • Find out new emerging market along with potential importers and exporters
              • Quickly understand the growth percentage of goods, market shares etc.
              • Generates profitable and new leads from all over the world
              • Provides accurate trade records to keep updated with overall trading business
              • Identify the regional and international trading trends

              • What nations do you include in export-import data report?

                We include more than 80 nation’s export and import transactional records along with their trading partners. Some of the nations are Bolivia, China, Argentina, Ecuador, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, United States of America, Vietnam etc. For more please check Global Trade Data.


Frequently Asked Questions