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When a business based in one country purchases a product or service provided by a business based in another country, it is called import. Imports are important because they help countries source products for domestic consumers that might not otherwise be available within their borders. 

The importer is the buyer. He identifies the need for a product at a specific location, searches for the best supplier globally, and places an order for purchase. There are three types of importers:

  1. Actual user, who utilises the imported goods for himself. An actual user can be industrial (uses the goods for manufacturing in his own industrial unit) or non-industrial (utilises the goods for his own use in a commercial unit, lab, research institute, university, hospital, etc)
  2. Established importer, who, as the name suggests, is granted a quota to import a product on the basis of past imports 
  3. Registered exporter, who imports under the government’s export promotion schemes.